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The literary committee of the College is one of the most active bodies for conducting a plethora of extra-curricular activities, especially the literary ones like extempore speeches, debates, essay writing competitions, poem recitations, etc. The committee looks after the literary yearnings of its students by promoting their hidden talents of the students and providing a platform for them to realize their inherent skills. The committee also aims to develop the analytical and creative thinking skills of the students. It offers opportunities to appreciate different types of literature in both Hindi and English languages and increase their literary skills. The committee aims at not only refining the literary skills of the students but also developing their logic and curiosity to know more and to instill in them the confidence to speak well. In short, the literary committee is a one-stop destination for every person who loves literature and wants to share their experiences, readings, and thoughts with others who share similar interests.

Academic activities

Orientation programme

The physiotherapy college of health and wellness sciences organised the orientation program. How this profession help to regain a normal and healthy lifestyle again and also the importance of understanding what are negative impact one faces when treated by non professionals. Some of the  performance involves different dance forms like pahadi and punjabi dance and also Zumba dance which shows one of the best way to stay healthy with rhythm. Ist semester students also show their talent in singing as well.

World physiotherapy day

Every year world physiotherapy day is celebrated on 8th September to show the importance of physiotherapy in health sector. This year World physiotherapy day event was celebrated with the great enthusiasm by the students and it involved many cultural activities like singing; various dance forms and skits showing the importance of physiotherapy.

Extra curricular activities

Freshers party

The inauguration of the Freshers’ Party commenced with the ceremonial illumination of the lamp, casting a glow that symbolized the dawn of a new academic journey. Following this solemn beginning, a gracious welcome speech set the tone for an event destined to unfold in elegance and vibrancy. The event unfolded gracefully, encompassing a spectrum of artistic expressions, from the enchanting allure of the ramp walk to the mellifluous echoes of singing. The dance floor came alive with the rhythmic synergy of solo and duet performances, weaving a tapestry of movement and grace. Beyond the artistic endeavors, the gathering indulged in an array of delightful activities, ensuring that the Freshers’ Party became an unforgettable celebration of camaraderie and joy.
Winners of Mr. and Ms. Fresher were as follows:
Alen (Student of BPT First SEM)
Chetna (Student of BPT First SEM) 
activities has its own short and long-term benefits.

Mata ke chowki

The Mata Chowki, was a spiritual journey that touched the hearts of all attendees. With soul-stirring devotional songs and fervent prayers, the event brought a sense of peace and unity. Together, we immersed ourselves in the sacred vibrations, creating memories that resonate with the blessings of Mata. It was an event where spirituality met community, and hearts were lifted in devotion. Mata Chowki 2023, a truly enriching experience that embraced the essence of faith and togetherness. 

I.T.S College of Health & Wellness Sciences

Vigwan bhawan visit

ITSCHWS Greater Noida participated in the 6th FIT INDIA CONCLAVE 2023 in New Delhi, organized by Medscape India and healthcare associations. BPT Batch 22 students, staff, and the principal attended as guests of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists. Principal Prof Dr. Raj Kumar Meena received an award. Deep gratitude to ITS The Education Group for guidance and permission.

Rangoli competition

Students at ITS College of Health and Wellness Sciences in Greater Noida recently participated in a vibrant rangoli competition. This creative event showcased not only their academic prowess but also their artistic talents. The campus came alive with colorful and intricate rangoli designs, reflecting the diversity and creativity of the budding healthcare professionals.

Sports activities

ITS College of health and wellness sciences offers innumerable sports opportunities to every student by organizing various inter college and zonal sports events. The College boasts of different sports facilities in the campus itself like badminton court, basketball court and table tennis court along with grounds for outdoor sports like football, volleyball, kabaddi, kho – kho and standard track for athletics.

Yoga day celebration

Yoga practical sessions, integral to our curriculum, empower students to actively engage in hands-on yoga practice. These sessions offer a platform for students to apply learned principles and techniques, involving various postures, breathing exercises, and meditations. An immersive and practical approach to yoga education.

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