Corporate Resource Center

The Corporate Resource Center is solely responsible for organizing campus placements of final-year students by coordinating with top companies across multiple industries. They are the bridge connecting academics to corporations.

At ITS College of Health & Wellness Sciences, we have a full-fledged Corporate resource center (CRC) that establishes a strong professional network with reputable firms throughout the year. This ensures that the students are presented with standardized job offers as well as internships. The group is continuing to reach milestones in both the final year placement and internships across different fields. However, the premium placements in notable companies like Fortis Healthcare, Amar Hospital, Apollo Hospital, Indus Hospital, and Chandigarh spinal rehab remain the star attraction of ITS College of Health & Wellness Sciences. Besides offering rich placements from corporates, CRC also incorporates guest lectures, industrial visits, and expert talks, providing interactive clinical-academic exposure to students.

In addition, CRC encompasses a Personality Development Program team (PDP) responsible for imparting skill training to the students to increase their employability for placements. The trainers hold skill training sessions right from day one of college. Skill training can be further classified into clinical and non-clinical skills. Clinical skills are dependent on the core course while non-clinical skills consist of soft skills such as communication, personality development, hospitality, qualities such as patience and tolerance, time management, and job interview skills amongst others. 

CRC Skill Development

Technical/ Core Skills Development

The CRC team works closely with the Personality Development Team to conduct Aptitude & Reasoning classes as well as regular assessment tests for students right from the first day of college. The output of this program is to inculcate the necessary skills within the students so that they could sit in the interview rounds during campus placements and secure a standardized job.

Soft Skills Development

Soft skills are synonymous with a person’s behavior, personality, and sociable traits. The personality development team conducts soft skills training alongside the core skill training from the first day of college. The training includes classes on communication skills, dialects, verbal ability, pronunciation, group discussions, and more. This results in an effective personal/HR interview in placement companies. 

CRC Objectives

Skills Enhancement

To make students industry-ready by imparting soft skills as well as clinical skills.


To ultimately measure the improvement of students by comparing the scores across levels with the help of a scorecard.

Academic Modelling

To intervene in the academic process at various levels and with varied intensity in order to realize the outcome in a quantifiable manner.

Support & Motivation

To groom students apart from academic exposure.

I.T.S College of Health & Wellness Sciences

Personality Development Program

Personality Development Program (PDP) is responsible for providing personality development training to the students to enhance their employability as well as to develop their smartness, enthusiasm, and professionalism.


CRC organizes regular classroom contact programs and special boot camps to improve a student’s English language, behavioral etiquette, soft skills, and reasoning skills

PDP Objectives

  • To enhance communication skills

  • To enhance ​Team Management skills

  • To bring out ​Leadership Qualities 

  • To develop a ​Positive Outlook 

  • To develop public speaking and presentation skills

  • Develop behavioral skills and etiquettes

  • To develop Stress-management abilities

  • To inculcate the right attitudes, values, beliefs & ethics

I.T.S College of Health & Wellness Sciences
I.T.S College of Health & Wellness Sciences


ITS College of Health & Wellness Sciences believes in their students and hence includes them in the placement process. CRC encompasses a student-driven committee known as Placecom. They work behind the scenes to facilitate the placement process from beginning to end. In addition, the team is also responsible for answering the queries of students at the time of placement. These students get hands-on experience in management which proves beneficial to them in the future.


The first corporate experience

Economical changes in the market are a common scenario. Hence, it becomes necessary to include talent, skills, and experience as a part of the growth cycle. Job markets are highly competitive which often places recent graduates in a tough spot. This is the reason why the growth of applied learning and internships becomes a must for college students’ experience. This is exactly why ITS College of Health & Wellness Sciences takes internships very seriously for their second-year bachelor’s students and is considered a physiotherapy best college.

CRC also offers valuable internships to the graduating students that come with a job guarantee after the period of internship. 

I.T.S College of Health & Wellness Sciences
I.T.S College of Health & Wellness Sciences

Skills Added

  1. Application of Theoretical Concepts

  2. Hands-on experience on Live Projects

  3. Adding both technical & Soft skills

  4. Networking

  5. Exposure to corporate work culture

  6. Gain professional feedback


ITS College of Health & Wellness Sciences takes immense pride in stating that we have the best faculty in the field of human anatomy, Physiology, physiotherapy, Orthopedics, Neurology, and Pediatrics. Several of them are PhDs and post-graduate holders from esteemed Universities, thus forming the USP of our college. They have been handpicked to provide the best educational experience to students in their relevant fields. 

I.T.S College of Health & Wellness Sciences


Lecture Halls

The lecture halls of ITS College of Health & Wellness Sciences are ventilated and compact to encourage a friendly interactive environment between students and faculty. These halls are furnished with good furniture with a breathable space to occupy a sizable number of students. In addition, they are well-lit with modern AV tools, whiteboards, podiums, projectors, and presentation aids.  They are regularly mopped to maintain a well-hygienic environment. These halls are spacious with a seating capacity of 50+ people. 

Laboratory facilities

The campus of ITS College of Health & Wellness Sciences is well-endowed with lab facilities that are relevant to the course of physiotherapy. BPT students are provided with an Electrotherapy Lab, Exercise Therapy Lab, and a Computer Lab for practical training over the duration of the course. The Laboratory rooms are spacious with all the relevant equipment pertaining to that specialized training.


Soft skills are synonymous with a person’s behavior, personality, and sociable traits. The personality development team conducts soft skills training alongside the core skill training from the first day of college. The training includes classes on communication skills, dialects, verbal ability, pronunciation, group discussions, and more. This results in an effective personal/HR interview in placement companies. 

Medical Facility

The college has established its own multi-specialty hospital within the premises to ensure clinical availability and health care to the students and administration. ITS Surya Hospital is a 100 bedded hospital that is open for 24 hours. It is further equipped with ambulance services that are available round the clock to the students in case of emergency. A student can inform their warden and request ambulance services if the need arrives. The authorities will also inform their parents or local guardians in case of serious illness. In addition, the students and staff of the college are also provided with medical insurance facilities.

Surya hospital provides the following facilities:

  • General Medicine
  • General Surgery
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology
  • Pediatrics
  • Orthopedics
  • E.N.T
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
  • 24×7 Hospital services (Well equipped and manned)
  • Emergency
  • Pharmacy
  • Canteen/ PCO
  • Admission (Gen/Semi Pvt./ Private wards)


In order to host multiple cultural and academic events, a spacious stage is of importance. ITS College of Health & Wellness Sciences has an air-conditioned, state-of-the-art auditorium named Sardar Vallabhai Patel hall having a seating capacity of around 500 people. Furthermore, the hall is facilitated with LCD projectors, screens, and whiteboards for delivering presentations and videos. It is a common hosting stage for conferences, workshops, events, and seminars. This auditorium is built with a motive to enhance the quality of education. The auditorium is well furnished, ventilated, and air-conditioned with all the modern equipment, thus providing ample opportunity for staff and students to showcase their talents.


ITS College of Health & Wellness Sciences possesses an excellent amphitheater that forms the very heart of its structure. It’s a common hosting ground for various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. Its spacious and modern design makes for an eventful venue for creative activities. It is also known for its out-of-the-class learning, group discussions, theatrics, and events. This open amphitheater has been meticulously planned to inspire students for an innovative learning experience and encourage participation in various academic and cultural activities.


ITS College of Health & Wellness Sciences has an in-built ATM that is open 24/7 for the convenience of day scholars and hostellers. All the students, staff, and administration of the college can have access to it as per their requirements.

Hideout Cafe

Cafes are known to be everyone’s favorite place to hang out. ITS College of Health & Wellness Sciences has its customized cafeteria named Hideout cafe. It offers a wide variety of food ranging from snacks, beverages, sandwiches, noodles, pizza, burgers, chole bhature, paratha, curd, etc at lower prices for the convenience of students. It is a wholesome place for students to exchange ideas and thoughts over a cup of coffee or snacks throughout the day. The cafeteria has a modern aesthetic feel to it, credited to its unique cozy design. It is further equipped with CCTV cameras for security purposes. It’s pleasant lighting, seating arrangement, and self-service concepts make it a safe haven for relaxation and discussion. 


The campus of ITS College of Health & Wellness Sciences is surrounded by strong Wi-Fi connections in the name of ITS. It saves a lot of time and effort and makes web searching easier for students, teachers, and management.

Transport Facility

ITS College of Health & Wellness Sciences has an extensive transport bus facility that covers the route of Ghaziabad, Noida, and Greater Noida. The traveling time is between 35 minutes to 70 minutes under present road conditions. Besides buses, other means of transport such as the OLA Shuttle, cabs, and auto-rickshaws are also available at various points near the institute. In addition, students and staff are also provided with a few small vans and vehicles for transportation. All the vehicles are the best of their kind and regularly maintained, thus following the safety norms. 

Given below is the list of transportation routes and pickup timings available on the campus. (list of transport routes)


A temple is a peaceful house that symbolizes the body of divinity. It is a structure meant to bring human beings and gods together by expressing the ideas and beliefs of the religion. Holding on to these firm beliefs, ITS College of Health & Wellness Sciences, Greater Noida welcomes every individual– be it students, staff members, parents, and others to this institution that seeks knowledge and values through practice. The pious atmosphere of the temple promotes peace of mind and faith to every visitor. Devotees often visit in the morning to offer puja to various Hindu deities sitting at the heart of the temple. It is adorned with decorations and pujas for the people in the college during important festivities.

Stationery & Tuckshops

Amongst various other provisions for students, ITS College of Health & Wellness Sciences has an excellent stationery & tuck shop facility located near the canteen. All sorts of stationery items are available here including notebooks, pens, geometry, photocopy, and print-out facilities for daily use. This outlet is very much useful to students and hostellers to fulfill their academic and hostel needs. Besides stationery, one can also find soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, oil, powder, tongue cleaner, handkerchief, and other such products for their everyday use in the tuck shop. It is a one-stop for all ITSians on the campus. 


The college has hostel accommodation for boys and girls separately with all the necessary facilities to make everyone feel at home. These hostels can accommodate upto 500 boys and 150 girls and are provided with a full-time resident warden for each building. Hostel rooms are generally spacious and ventilated with standardized furniture, a separate study table, a cupboard, and attached bathrooms. 

The college has provided the best hostel facilities for a comfortable, securable, and memorable living experience. They include:

  •   Furnished Rooms

  •   24/7 Power Backup

  •   AC & Cooler Rooms

  •   Wifi

  •   Games Lounge

  •   Nutritious Food

  •   Laundry

  •   24/7 Security & Cctv

  •   First Aid Facility

  •   RO Water

  •   Library & Lab access

  •   Gym Access

24x7 Water Supply & Power backup

The college, including the hostels, has 24 hours water supply and a power backup, ensuring that students do not face any problems.

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